Measurement, control and regulation technology (MSR)

The "standard for data centers" (DIN EN 50600) specifies exactly which type of measuring technology should be used and at which location and how the measuring points should be attached. Since laypeople are often overwhelmed, the market offers a variety of different measuring devices in different qualities.


Efficient and Intelligent

In order to ensure the sustainable operation of a data center, an overview of all measured values ​​is essential. This is the only way to evaluate and analyze energy consumption. Combined with continuous residual current monitoring (RCM monitoring), the measuring technology actively contributes to personal protection and availability.

The efficient and intelligent control and regulation of different IT infrastructure components is only possible if integrated solutions are used.
A reliable power supply is the basis for smooth operation of a data center. The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) ensures that the IT infrastructure in a data center remains available even in the event of a power failure. Another important aspect is the cooling, which also ensures uninterrupted operation. The cooling of servers and other IT components is particularly energy-intensive and must therefore be planned carefully. 

Measured values ​​must be evaluated regularly in order to be able to analyze and subsequently optimize energy consumption. Personal protection is also guaranteed by continuous residual current monitoring (RCM monitoring). Integrated solutions are necessary in order to be able to control and regulate the IT infrastructure efficiently and intelligently.

Advantage of High Knowledge

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