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Your Key to a Successful Digital Strategy

Consulting services are generally not standardized. Therefore, we rely on certified knowledge and proven quality. Our company has been accredited by the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs as accredited Management Consultants. For this reason, our customers enjoy special subsidies in certain areas.

At the start of any IT infrastructure or Data Center project, there are many questions and requirements for the new or refurbished Data Center. As our customers already have exact ideas which we address the feasibility of realizing them during an initial consultation.

It is important for us to coordinate among the myriad of requirements and adapt them to customer needs and their corporate goals.


Optimization and Sustainability

Our endeavor: to give you the best options for protecting and optimizing the IT infrastructure of your company and to demonstrably increase the efficiency of your Data Center, all while embedding sustainability throughout the planning, design, construction ,and operational phases. We pay particular attention to sustainable approaches for a continuous and consistent circular economy ("Cradle to Cradle"), as well as a reduction of the required energy and optimization of the CO2-balance.

Our services are aimed at companies, authorities, and organizations of all sizes. Especially to those who have high data management, storage, and security requirements.

Audits and Compliance Checks

Would you like to know whether your IT infrastructure meets current standards, international best practices, and the latest regulation? 

IT infrastructure and Data Centers are increasingly being checked for conformity via part of audits – for example, with regard to the European Green Deal, the EU taxonomy criteria – or specifications for the financial sector, such as the BaFin and 44 audits and/or ISO27001 audits. 

In addition, scalable, sustainable, and energy-efficient IT infrastructures and Data Centers are crucial components for productivity, reliability, and growth opportunities with ever-increasing dependencies.

A good concept requires a high level of understanding of the situation. For this reason, we work closely with your team to develop all the necessary content and standards required for the individual planning of your Data Center.

The structural, technical, and organizational specifications are precisely defined and recorded in a binding manner for all those involved.

The resulting concept is thus an important link between architecture, technology and operation and ensures that your Data Center is exactly tailored to your needs and is built within the specified time frame.

Within the scope of our consulting services we address the following areas:


We use not only the most modern methods in our consulting portfolio, such as agile methods, but also use a quality management system, which allows us to guarantee professional execution at all times.

On request, we plan the entire project and accompany you during the implementation. There is a completely individual, ideal Data Center concept for every company, which we would be happy to develop for and with you.

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“The availability of a technical system is the probability or the degree that the system will meet certain requirements at a certain point in time or within an agreed time frame. (...) It is a quality criterion and a key figure of a system. "

(Source: Wikipedia 2021)

A system is considered available when it is able to perform its individual tasks for which it is intended. In mathematical terms, availability is the ratio between downtime and the maximum possible production time. The availability is given as a percentage and is calculated using the following formula:

A 99 percent availability therefore corresponds to an annual downtime of almost 88 hours or 3.5 days, which has little to do with a high-availability Data Center.


The question of availability is therefore crucial with regard to the risk analysis and the downtime costs. Since the availability has a direct influence on the entire Data Center concept with all its redundancies, a clean and consistent planning is established at this point.




Uptime Institute Tier Designer

Data Centers differ in many ways. The differences relate to availability, failure safety, system technology, energy efficiency...


Approved Blue Angel Auditor

The Blue Angel has been the German federal government's environmental label for over 40 years. Independently and credibly, the Blue Angel sets demanding standards...


BAFA-certified Management Consultancy

We are certified! After a demanding process the High Knowledge GmbH is now at your side as a certified BAFA consultant...


EU and Public Funding Consulting

In the area of ​​Data Centers and IT infrastructure, there are a number of public funding opportunities. In order to support municipalities in using the potential to increase energy...

European Green Deal and the EU Taxonomy

Europe is to become the first climate-neutral continent and thus a global pioneer in terms of climate protection – an endeavor that lies at the heart of the Green Deal presented by the European Union in 2019. The aim is to implement the EU’s climate protection targets by 2050.

The European Green Deal combines economic, environmental, and social aspects (ESG criteria), where Measures have been developed to decarbonize many sectors of the economy from energy, industry, trade, and finance, to agriculture, forestry, and transportation. 

With the taxonomy, the European Union has introduced a classification scheme to define in a binding way which economic activities are classified as environmentally sustainable. The activities identified are also intended to be strengthened with targeted investments and climate-related data from market participants made transparent to third parties.

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