Electrical Switchgear

Electrical switchgear is at the heart of every data center. Whether medium-voltage switchgear (MS), low-voltage switchgear (NSHV) or sub-distribution (UV) on the actual data center area. 


Optimized According to Your Requirements

The systems must be designed and correctly projected in accordance with DIN EN 61439 with regard to the busbar system, protective technology and measuring systems. The circuit breakers or fuse elements selected must be matched to the dimensioned cabling and must be selective. A network calculation that is inadequate or not carried out at all can not only lead to the safe operation of the data center, but in the worst case to life-threatening accidents. This is why it is so important that network calculations are carried out by experienced professionals when planning a data center.

Medium-voltage switchgear (MV) and transformer stations (TS) represent the highest voltage level in the data center and are therefore more complex in planning and execution. The required performance of these systems is provided by the wiring of transit (DG) and end users (EV). The various components of an MS must be selected and dimensioned in such a way that the TS works reliably at maximum load and taking into account bottlenecks in network operation.

A low-voltage switchgear (LHV) is electrical switchgear used to distribute electrical power in a data center. The LVMD contains switch boxes, switchgear, and transformers that step down or step up voltage to deliver the electrical power to loads in the data center.
The sub-distribution (UV) is part of the NSHV that supplies the electrical energy to the individual switch boxes.

Another challenge when planning power supply systems is dealing with emergency power generators (NSA). In the event of a power failure, it is important that the data center is supplied with emergency power as quickly as possible to ensure smooth operation. NSA must therefore be selected and adapted to the existing infrastructure in such a way that a smooth transition from the regular to the emergency power supply is guaranteed.

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