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We offer you the entire spectrum in the field of IT infrastructure and Data Centers. From turnkey modular and EDGE Data Centers such as IT safes to infrastructure components such as UPS and energy systems, generators, monitoring systems or our patented cooling systems.

We have gained the experience in more than 200 projects to supply you with components that are tailor-made for you. We attach great importance to smooth processing, professional installations and instructions as well as professional maintenance concepts to ensure outstanding availability.


Modular Data Centers

There are many advantages through a modular Data Center. Our solution matches all requirements for the safe protection of IT components and is certified as a system in accordance with ISO 27001 and EN 50600. As a modular building construction, it fulfills all constructive requirements (insulation, fire proofness) of a normal building. Its layout is ideally matched to IT-requirements with spacious design for hot and cold zones. Customers only provide a strip foundation as well as data and electricity supply lines. Our modular Data Centers can be supplied fully equipped within 12 weeks production time and installation on site is kept to a minimum of 5 - 10 days. The system is fully modular and can be expanded during operation. Its scalable with regard to space as well as electricity and cooling capacity. Our Data Center modules are connectable and stackable. This translates into minimized investment steps: Pay as you grow. In addition, as a mobile construction our modular Data Center has a short fiscal deduction period (typically 5 years) and is suitable for leasing.

Thoughtfully designed our modules houses IT and perfectly matching infrastructure components that guarantee highest efficiency and usability, while keeping invest and operating cost to a minimum.

Our best-in-class modular Data Center solutions are particularly characterized by the following points:


Micro Data Center & EDGE Rechenzentren

Our EDGE stand-alone Data Centers (IT Safes) can provide 46-282 mountable rack units. It constitutes the most economic Data Center solution with regards to invest and operating cost in comparison to any other Data Center in the same range.

Smart design and alignment of high-efficient infrastructure components specifically matched to the needs of the EDGE Data Center can bring its PUE down to 1,05. Our compact rack-based Data Centers are modular expandable, TÜV-certified and meet all the requirements of a large Data Center.


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Our Reliable Infrastructure Solutions

UPS Systems

UPS Systems bridge power failures and thus ensure the security of supply, especially for critical infrastructures such as Data Centers. Furthermore, the UPS system protects connected loads from network events such as harmonics, overvoltages or frequency fluctuations. All UPS Systems consist of power electronics, which regulate the load management, and a storage medium. A wide variety of models and specifications exist on the UPS market. Correct planning and configuration of the UPS System is essential in order to find the right UPS System for the project.

Energy storage systems

Energy storage devices are used for short-term storage of electrical energy. Especially when considering renewable energies such as wind or solar energy, it is important to consider energy storage solutions in overall concepts. These can be used to bridge medium-term power failures or for frequency stabilization.

LPG Energy Containers

Gas-based fail-safe energy containers are designed in such a way that you can completely replace a non-existent power grid in continuous operation. Maintenance only takes place once a year and the energy costs are very economical. The perfect solution to be independent from the local power grid and to be able to guarantee permanent operational reliability. This solution is particularly interesting for hospitals, telecommunication companies and operators of critical infrastructure.


Generators secure the energy supply in the event of a long-term power failure. In the course of planning, the requirements of the environmental authorities are just as important as the determination of the technical framework. The selection of the correct control functions or the dimensioning are an integral part of this. An incorrectly dimensioned motor or generator can lead to a total blackout of the entire Data Center in the event of a power failure.


Data Center Infrastructure Management is a software-supported measure to monitor and optimize the Data Center process. A DCIM system can be understood as the central control center for all measured values ​​and data from the Data Center. The selection of a suitable DCIM requires a high level of experience, as the market offers solutions for different aspects. The creation of specification is essential here.

Blue DC Elements

With Blue DC Elements, four pioneering and patented solutions for climate Neutral IT infrastructures are combined for the first time to use the most advanced technology depending on the local situation. This holistic approach enables previously unused potential to be used and leads to significantly reduced energy consumption and sustainable and climate-friendly solutions. 

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