Penetration Tests and Vulnerability Analysis

In times of widespread malware and the increasing importance of functioning IT infrastructures for business operations, many companies are concerned with the question of whether they are vulnerable to external attacks and if data is secure.


Holistic Analysis

High Knowledge takes a holistic approach to ​​information security, examining all areas that are vulnerable or could be exploited. This includes network and IT systems as well as components of the technical building infrastructure, such as UPS systems, emergency power systems, pumps, valves, and MSR systems. We also analyze protection zone concepts and organizational measures for security vulnerabilities, further demonstrating our commitment to ensuring your facility’s total protection. 

In Germany in particular, the expression "penetration test" has become the standard for performing security audits, tests that are also used by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Modular Approach

With our security modules, our TÜV-certified security experts rely on various methods such as penetration tests or red teaming to check the information security of IT systems against external attacks. The systems are tested for weaknesses and security gaps. In contrast to an ISO 27001 audit, it is not the theoretical processes that are tested in practice. On the contrary, our security analysts act like real attackers, thereby testing the functionality of prevention, detection, mitigation, and awareness.


The goals of a penetration test are to:

During a security analysis of the building infrastructure, the software control, firmware, and web services of the components and systems are tested for weaknesses and security gaps. In addition, we evaluate the infrastructure’s fire protection and safety measures to provide complete safety coverage.


After completing our analysis, we then create a security report for you, containing:

The core of our analysis is the vulnerability table. This identifies each vulnerability individually with a corresponding suggestion for rectification. The vulnerabilities are weighted according to their risk potential and provided with references in the appendix. Furthermore, we list all of the test steps. This ensures that your IT and infrastructure specialists can understand and eliminate the identified weaknesses.

With our security modules, you receive a complete check of all relevant protection areas and can initiate appropriate measures to improve the resilience and availability of your Data Center or IT infrastructure and protect your data.


Benefits and goals of our security analysis:

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