Emergency power supply & emergency power systems (NEA)

If the external power supply fails, it is important to have an emergency power system available to maintain the power supply. Our emergency power systems are available as free-standing containers or in a compact design for installation in existing rooms. They can be powered by diesel or gas generators and are available in all sizes. In addition, we offer UPS systems, power cabling and security solutions.


Robust, Reliable Protection

Emergency power systems are still often implemented today with the help of gas or diesel generators. There are a number of potential stumbling blocks to be considered during project planning and implementation. The engine used must be precisely matched to the generator output and the system must be designed in such a way that it corresponds to the conditions of the consumers to be supplied. In our numerous successfully implemented projects, we have repeatedly found that emergency power systems were either incorrectly designed or not highly available enough.

In addition, it is important to break new ground in fuel supply, since heating oil or diesel are neither sustainable nor future-proof as energy sources. The aim is to work with our customers to set up an emergency power supply that can work independently of fossil fuels. This could be done by using alternative energy sources such as hydrogen, biogas or vegetable oils. The operation is ensured by means of a combined heat and power plant (CHP). CHPs are economical and environmentally friendly and can feed the data center in an emergency. If a CHP is used in continuous operation, it must be available redundantly to ensure availability as a backup power system at all times. The maintenance of the CHP is important to ensure its use. Another essential part of an emergency power concept is the uninterruptible power supply (UPS). UPSs are able to absorb short-term power outages and keep the data center powered until normal power is restored. The UPS must be dimensioned in such a way that it can guarantee the operation of the data center for the duration of the longest expected power failure. UPS maintenance is also important to ensure availability.

An emergency power concept must guarantee the power supply of the data center under all conditions. This means that both primary and redundant power supplies must work under all conditions. In order to achieve this, regular maintenance and monitoring of the emergency power concept is required. 

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