Safety and Health Coordinator
for Data centers and IT infrastructure

The use of a certified safety and health protection coordinator (SiGeKo) is legally prescribed for almost every construction project in accordance with the requirements of Section 3 of the Construction Site Ordinance and Section 8 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act.


Your Safety Matters

One of the tasks of the SiGeKo is to identify any health and safety risks on the construction site during the planning phase. In this way, measures for the safety and health of the people working on the construction site can be taken during the planning process. 

During the construction phase, the SiGeKo controls the corresponding measures, which are recorded in a safety and health protection plan (SiGe plan).

Data center and IT infrastructure projects involve a very high individual risk. We also incorporate our experience from a large number of data center and infrastructure projects into our work as certified SiGe coordinators. We rely on field-tested solutions that do not delay the construction process and always guarantee a very high level of safety for all trades.

The special dangers and challenges in a construction project in connection with Data Centers and IT infrastructure include:


Correctly assessing the systems during the ongoing construction process and considering the safety measures in safety and health integrating a plan is one of our core competencies as an approved SiGeKo. 

As a general contractor, we attach great importance to the fact that the principles of risk avoidance are already considered during the planning phase of our construction projects, especially since ensuring proper safeguards during the planning and construction phase can significantly reduce potential harms as well as costs 

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