BSI IT Basic Protection

The introduction of a holistic system for information security is the prerequisite for successful digitization. The IT-Grundschutz provides a solid technical foundation and a comprehensive working tool for this. It is a method, instruction, recommendation and help for self-help for authorities, companies and institutions that want to deal with the protection of their data, systems and information. 


Holistic approach

A holistic approach to information security is central here: In addition to technical aspects, infrastructural, organizational and personnel issues are also considered. This enables a systematic approach - for example according to the BSI standards - to identify and implement necessary security measures. A permanent management system for information security (ISMS) can be implemented in an organization on the basis of the three approaches basic, standard or core protection.

IT-Grundschutz is a proven standard for setting up an ISMS. With an ISO 27001 certificate based on IT basic protection, an institution can prove that the implemented information security measures comply with recognized international standards and thus create additional trust among customers and partners. The IT-Grundschutz is aimed at different user groups: those responsible for information security, whether newcomers or professionals, whether in the official or corporate environment. With the IT-Grundschutz offers, they can all realistically assess the security level in their organization and implement the necessary security measures.

An important prerequisite for the application of ISO 27001 is that appropriate information security management is in place. This has to be proven. A professional certification company like High Knowledge can help by validating the basic protection - based on the requirements of the standard - and thus checking whether all the necessary steps have been successfully implemented.

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