Blue Angel

Dare More Progress!

With these words, the current coalition agreement of the German government is overwritten. For the first time, a coalition agreement is dedicated to the topic of “Sustainability in Digitization”. Accordingly, Data Centers should be:


The Blue Angel for Data Centers

As the German government’s environmental label, Blue Angel has been setting standards for environmentally friendly products and services for more than 40 years. If these standards are taken into account during the planning and design of a Data Center, you can expect to find and implement considerable energy savings. In fact, a Blue Angel-certified Data Center indicates to your customers that it offers environmentally friendly and sustainable services. 

As accredited Blue Angel auditors we are not only familiar with its assessment criteria, but we also understand how to ideally set the requirements for air-conditioning, monitoring, and energy supply in the planning process. With Data Center planning from High Knowledge, nothing stands in the way of your data center successfully obtaining Blue Angel certification.

You gain many advantages when planning a Data Center that integrates Blue Angel criteria, including:

Accredited Blue Angel auditors

As accredited Blue Angel auditors, we offer you qualified consulting services that are financially supported by the German government. Blue Angel is structured in the following steps.

Certification process:

Inventory & actual analysis

Consulting concept

Data collection & evidence

Completion of certification