Data Center Construction

General Contractor for Sustainable Data Center Construction

As a general contractor, we have successfully implemented more than 500 data center projects in recent years. We attach great importance to the proper, professional and timely construction of your new data center, server room or IT office building. Benefit from 25 years of experience in IT and IT infrastructure.

With our interdisciplinary, experienced and well-rehearsed construction team, we build your new data center completely turnkey, tested and ready for operation. In doing so, we already take into account your individual specifications and framework conditions as well as requirements with regard to desired certifications such as TÜV in accordance with the planning phase ISO 22237 or ISO 27001, Blue Angel or Uptime.

We provide a specialized focus on the use of the latest planning methods such as Building Information Modeling and the creation of a digital twin for your new data center, as well as sustainable construction processes.


Environmentally Friendly Design and Sustainable Construction

Sustainability in the construction of data centers, server rooms and office buildings with IT infrastructure is becoming more and more urgent. New approaches must be taken to minimize CO2emissions and resource consumption. Sustainable building processes are playing an increasingly important role. 

In addition to operation, the construction of a data center must also be taken into account as an influencing factor for climate neutrality. 40 percent of CO2emissions worldwide are attributable to construction projects. During the construction phase, resource-intensive processes must be optimally interlinked and accordingly well planned in order to make construction processes climate-neutral. Obstacles or even dismantling can thus be avoided and optimal investment protection achieved.

In doing so, we consider all emissions that arise from the construction of the building or the production of the required raw materials. We consistently rely on recycled or renewable materials and building materials.

Sustainable Planning and Organization

Through intelligent modular pre-production and appropriate planning, unnecessary expenses due to delays, repeat orders or conversions can be significantly reduced. The deployment of skilled workers on site is organized efficiently and accompanied by an experienced site manager. Logistics processes, organization and supplier management are also central components of a sustainable construction project.

We use the 'cradle to cradle' method to do this. This means that in our data center projects, exclusively or predominantly products, building materials and materials are used that are used in a consistent cycle process and are harmless to nature and people. This principle can be applied not only during the construction phase, but also with the IT components that are used in a data center.

Buildings in general and data centers in particular are increasingly being assessed and evaluated with regard to their ecological, economic and social aspects. Various building certification systems that are used for this already exist today. These describe and evaluate the quality of sustainability based on set criteria.

ISO 15392 contains a series of guidelines for sustainable construction. The guidelines are based on the idea that there are three types of “protected assets” that need to be considered in sustainable construction: ecology (natural resources), economic (capital), and sociocultural (health). Of the Guidance also lists “conservation goals” to consider, such as conserving natural resources, minimizing life cycle costs, and maintaining health and safety. Finally, the quality of the process from planning to construction is also important in terms of sustainability.

General Contractor or Management Contractor

The High Knowledge team is available to you both as a general contractor and as a management contractor. If you would like to involve existing local partners and suppliers in your new construction project, we can also take this into account. We will always find the right solution for your project. 

We offer our customers all the building blocks for a successful data center construction project:

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