Management contractor for your new data center

As a successful general contractor in data center construction, IT servers and IT office buildings, at High Knowledge you benefit from 25 years of experience in construction, IT and IT infrastructure. We provide all the services you need for your successful data center project.


Your Central Partner

High Knowledge coordinates your entire construction project as management contractor. In this case, we do not carry out the construction work ourselves, but outsource tasks in the construction process to third parties. As a management contractor, we are happy to ensure that everything is completed on time and within budget. If you would like to involve existing local partners and suppliers in your new construction project, we can also take this into consideration. We will always find the right solution for your project.

Advantages of High Knowledge as your management contractor:

Ensuring Optimal Performance

A data center is a complex project involving many different parties. As management contractors, we take over the overall performance of a data center for you. Until the turnkey handover of the data center to you, we are your central contract and contact partner. 

We build your data center flexibly, efficiently and in a scalable manner. This ensures a high level of investment protection, economical operation and indispensable sustainability. We always keep an eye on both capital expenditure (CapEx) and operating expenditure (OpEx) through innovative and sustainable planning and execution.


Modular data center construction 2.0

With a data center in high-quality modular construction, the entire room unit is completed and transported to the construction site in one piece. Prefabricated construction is different, where the individual components such as walls, floors or ceilings are prefabricated and then assembled at the construction site. Modular construction is more efficient because the entire data center is fabricated in the factory, requiring less labor on site. Modular construction is more sustainable because the entire unit is completed in the factory under optimal conditions that conserve resources, which in turn means less work needs to be done on site.

Modular data centers and IT buildings are manufactured in the factory and must comply with the same building codes as conventionally built data centers. They are designed to look the same as regular buildings. Waste and recycling processes are more manageable when modular buildings are manufactured, and the need for materials and energy consumption are reduced.

With our data centers, we offer modular and flexible solutions with specially tailored infrastructure solutions and redundancies. Modern data centers must be able to respond to changing requirements. In addition to trouble-free operation, for example, energy consumption with its ecological and economic factors is increasingly becoming a central factor. We take over the complete coordination of your construction project and hand over your turnkey data center at the end.


The advantages of modular construction are obvious

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Wood is a renewable resource that is better for the environment than other common building materials such as steel, concrete, plastic, brick or aluminum. Wood helps store the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and can help make the air in buildings healthier. Wood is also a very versatile building material and can be used for many different types of construction. 

The masonry industry advertises with the slogan, "Stone doesn't burn!".

Many believe that a wood building will burn faster than a conventionally constructed building, but this is not the case. Wood actually protects itself against the effects of fire by forming a layer of charcoal that inhibits combustion. This makes wood very predictable in the event of a fire. A modern wood building meets all fire safety requirements, just like a building constructed using conventional methods.

Data centers and IT buildings in wood construction have comparable fire protection to data centers in conventional solid construction when properly designed and constructed, and when suitable wood species, workmanship and construction are selected.

Scientific studies have shown that building with wood, the world's oldest building material, has great potential and is essential for compliance with the Kyoto Protocol.

A data center built using conventional construction methods is erected brick on brick from the floor slab to the roof. The walls inside the building are often load-bearing walls, so the room layout can hardly be changed later. A data center or IT office building is always built on site, which means that construction work takes longer and is dependent on weather and temperature.

Materialien für konventionelle Baustoffe

Bricks are a very common building material in Germany because they have good physical properties such as thermal insulation and fire protection. They are also very durable, which makes them a good choice for exterior and interior walls.

Concrete protects well against fire and heat. But it needs additional insulation to function well as a thermal insulator. Concrete walls are made in a factory, floors and ceilings are poured on site.

Aerated concrete is a common building material because of its good thermal insulation properties. However, it has a high water absorption capacity, so it is important to ensure good workmanship and a water-repellent plaster when using it.

Sand-lime brick is an environmentally friendly type of brick with good fire and sound insulation. However, it does not have optimal thermal insulation properties, so it cannot be used as exterior masonry without additional insulation layers. When a thermal insulation composite system is applied, the sound insulation may deteriorate.

You have the vision, we implement it!

Starting with sound technical advice and planning, through high-quality construction, to an extensive load and function test. You receive everything from us from a single source, turnkey and, of course, free of defects. 

Our highly available, sustainable and efficient data centers are characterized by true craftsmanship and engineering. This interaction guarantees a smooth project and construction process and ensures an extremely functional and innovative building. In doing so, we act free of manufacturers or suppliers. We work with you to develop a solution tailored to your needs. 

As a general contractor, we basically provide all services ourselves. We are your sole contractual partner and bear full responsibility and liability. All coordination tasks are in our hands.

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