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We want to make the world of data centers sustainable and innovative. With our climate-neutral data centers and sustainable infrastructure solutions, we are setting new standards in the industry. Our efficient planning and our strong commitment to sustainability make us your ideal partner for the future.

Data Center services are used almost everywhere today. In addition to the automatic upload of e-mails and mobile phone photos to the cloud, numerous basic things such as energy, telecommunications, internet, traffic or banks are now controlled by data centers. 

And that is by no means all! Reliable and powerful Data Centers form the basis for digitization - not only in Germany, but all over the world.


Modern Challenges Need Expert Knowledge

With Expertise Built from Years of Experience

However, successful in-house planning is almost impossible. The required know-how is too specific, the parameters and technical innovations too complex and the applicable standards and regulations are simply too multi-layered. Building up this knowledge in-house is not only an extremely tedious undertaking, but an inefficient one as well. 

The consequence? Overtaxing and lack of planning become widespread. And gradually, there is an urgent need for neutral and independent consultants who can expertly accompany and implement all the necessary steps from consulting to planning and construction management.

See our Solutions

Your Experts for Data Centers in Germany

We know exactly what we're doing. In a large number of projects, we have been able to prove in practice that our tailor-made and needs-based solutions are effective. And as co-authors of the data center standard DIN EN 50600, accredited data center designers (Uptime Institute) and officially approved auditor of the Federal Environment Agency for the "Blue Angel" for sustainable data centers, our expertise is unrivaled.

We are also accredited Management Consultants by the German Federal Office for Economics, Experts at the Open Compute Project (OCP) as well as at the European Cloud Project „GAIA-X“ of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (Germany). High Knowledge, which you can rely.

Independent and transparent advice
Patented solutions for CO2-neutral Data Centers
Planning and building of complete Data Centers
Building Information Modeling for Data Center designs
Turnkey and IT ready small to large modular Data Centers
Delivery and installation of Data Center components
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Climate Neutral Data Centers

According to a study by the EU Commission, the electricity demand of Data Centers will increase massively in the next few years.

The European Green Deal aims not only to slow down this increase, but to stop it entirely in the future. By the year 2050, Europe is to become the first climate-neutral continent. Therefore, Data Centers must also be operated 100% climate-neutrally by this point in time, making Europe the epicenter of green technologies and Data Centers. However, new Data Centers must already achieve an annual PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) target of 1.3 by 2025, as soon as they have a capacity of more than 50 kilowatts.

With Blue DC Elements, we offer a building block to achieve the goal together. Blue DC provides a patented Data Center cooling system that is 100% climate neutral and thus produces zero emissions and CO2.

Blue DC Elements™

With Blue DC Elements, four pioneering and patented solutions for climate Neutral IT infrastructures are combined for the first time to use the most advanced technology depending on the local situation. This holistic approach enables previously unused potential to be used and leads to significantly reduced energy consumption and sustainable and climate-friendly solutions.

Do you want to use the power of the 4 elements in your Data Center? Schedule a meeting.


Blue DC Earth

The element earth stands for the consistent use of waste heat from the Data Center to professionally grow algae or operate greenhouses and thus, enable a balanced climate.

Blue DC Water

Water has a very high heat capacity and is very readily available. The element of water in Blue DC describes the technology used to feed the waste heat from the Data Center directly into a water system. Our patented solution enables your Data Center to save tens of thousands of kilograms of CO2 equivalents (CO2e) per year.

Blue DC Fire

Hot water cooling has a high potential for energy savings. For concepts with hot water cooling, servers are used which transfer the waste heat directly in the server to a water cycle. Very high temperatures can be achieved in the water circuit and the heated water can be used for heating systems, such as district heating networks.

Blue DC Air

Energy generation by wind turbines is a sustainable method of regenerative energy generation. With Blue DC, we bring the Data Centers directly to where this energy is generated, in the wind turbines. This reduces the loss of energy transmission and creates a large number of networked Data Centers.

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Consulting services are generally not standardized, and expert knowledge is seldom comprehensible or documented. Therefore, we rely on certified knowledge and proven quality. Our company has been accredited by the German Federal Office for economic Affairs as accredited Management Consultants. For this reason, our customers enjoy special subsidies in certain areas.


We know it, you know it: A well planned project saves a lot of time and costs. We have successfully planned hundreds of large and small Data Centers in recent years, and the trend is rising. We create the 'digital twin' for your project, with which real producers and processes can be better understood and optimized visually, without having to intervene in reality.


We offer you the entire spectrum in the field of IT infrastructure and Data Centers. From turnkey modular and EDGE Data Centers such as IT safes to infrastructure components such as UPS and energy systems, generators, monitoring systems or our patented cooling systems.


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