Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers

The Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers (HOAI) is a legal regulation issued by the German Federal Government to regulate the fees for architectural and engineering services in Germany. With these regulations, competition does not take place at the price level, but solely in the quality of the work. The chargeable costs are one of the standard criteria for determining the fee.


Transparent Planning Offers

The HOAI creates transparency in planning offers, as the fees are identical. The client can commission the most professionally suitable planner, as there are no price differences. The HOAI ensures the quality of construction planning, tendering, awarding and site supervision for the client. Competition should therefore not take place at the price level, but solely in the quality of the work. In essence, the focus is on a transparent performance profile.

The execution of planning services in accordance with the HOAI performance profile requires expert knowledge, which can only be provided by registered architecture and engineering firms. Industrial companies are often neither qualified nor trained in the provision of services nor in the billing of HOAI services.

The HOAI is divided into the following service phases:

Service phase Task
LP 1 Basic evaluation
Clarification of the task
LP 2 Preliminary planning
Project and planning preparation
LP 3 Design planning
System and integration planning
LP 4 Approval planning
Editing and submission of the construction documentation
LP 5 Implementation planning
Processing up to the execution maturity
LP 6 Preparation of awarding
Mass determination and bill of quantities
LP 7 Participation in the award of contract
Checking and evaluation of offers
LP 8 Construction supervision
Accompanying the construction process
LP 9 Project supervision
Support after project completion

Your Competent Partner


High Knowledge has extensive knowledge in the execution of HOAI services with its own qualified and trained engineers. We are committed to ensuring professionally sound and neutral planning and document this, among other things, with membership in the professional association for engineers. Our CAD, AVA, PM and IT systems are designed for the professional provision of HOAI services. In doing so, we occupy a top position among engineering offices and work with the most modern methods to ensure highly qualified, innovative and, in particular, sustainable planning.

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