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Planners, Consultants and Solution Developers

For all of your Data Center and IT Infrastructure Needs

We are enthusiastic consultants, planners and solution developers and are convinced that the new challenges in terms of sustainability and climate neutrality for IT infrastructure requires a broader perspective and new ways to deal with such challenges.

Our team consists of highly qualified planners, engineers and consultants with extensive experience and expertise in the field of IT infrastructures, Data Centers and autonomous or cognitive systems.

We have already planned and implemented more than 200 projects with our customers. With our services, we cover the entire lifecycle of IT infrastructures and Data Centers.

We provide advice right from the first project idea, prepare feasibility studies, risk analysis, cost calculations, tenders, business model development, planning, project management, construction, site or acceptance tests, certification and audits in all areas relating to the Data Center. 

We also supply all the components of a Data Center, like UPS-systems, gensets, DCIM-solutions and cooling devices right up to complete, turnkey modular Data Centers or IT safes for applications in the EDGE environment.


Harry Knopf


Our founder, Harry Knopf, is an accredited Data Center planner of the Uptime Institute and has over 20 years of professional experience in management functions in the IT sector, including at General Electric, Kyocera, Eaton and as managing director and partner of the planning and consulting company High Knowledge GmbH.

He is the founder of Europe's first Data Center platform dcOrbis.com. He is also a board member of the digital association Bitkom e.V. for the area of Data Centers and a board member of the steering committee IT infrastructure. In addition, he is an approved auditor for the Blue Angel for (Colocation) Data Centers and a member of the standardization committees for Data Centers (co-author DIN EN50600) and artificial intelligence at the German Commission for Electrical Engineering and Electronics in DIN and VDE.

He is a member of the Federal Ministry of Economics' GAIA-X project to build a powerful, competitive, secure and trustworthy data infrastructure for Europe. He has participated in many government projects and is the author of numerous studies.

Martin Vogt


Our CTO has a degree in engineering and business administration. He has more than 10 years of professional experience in the planning and configuration of data centers and data center infrastructure.

Mr. Vogt is a recognized specialist in the field of energy supply and project coordination. He is a member of numerous working groups and is committed to sustainable data center planning. Martin Vogt is of the opinion that the success of a CO2-neutral data center is already decided in the planning and project planning phase.

Together with his team of engineers, technicians and planners, he advises the customers of High Knowledge as a consulting engineer in all matters. The High Knowledge team can fall back on numerous, successfully completed projects.



Due to the increased complexity, partnerships are an indispensable means of guaranteeing outstanding quality. We have an extensive network of strategic partners, with which we build a long-term and trusting cooperation with and maintain a lively and regular exchange. For us partnerships are today more important than ever. But nevertheless, we always maintain our neutrality and never lose sight of the requirements of our customers.


Accreditations and Memberships

We are accredited Data Center designers of the Uptime Institute as well as officially accredited Auditors from the German Federal Environmental Agency in regard of the “Blue Angel” for sustainable Data Centers. We are also accredited management consultants by the German Federal Office for Economics, Experts at the Open Compute Project (OCP) as well as at the European Cloud Project "GAIA-X“ of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (Germany).

High Knowledge is a member of the professional organization of consulting engineers VBI and, as general contractor and planning company, provides all services of the fee schedule for architects and engineers (HOAI). We are also a manufacturer of Data Centers of various sizes with production facilities in Germany and Europe.

As an ambassador and supporter of the European Alliance for Sustainable Digital Infrastructure SDIA e.V., member of the board of directors of the digital association Bitkom for the area of Data Centers and there also a member of the board of directors of the steering committee IT infrastructure we are committed to sustainable infrastructures and digital innovations. In addition, we are a member of the standardization committees for Data Centers (co-author EN 50600) and Artificial Intelligence at the German Commission for Electrical and Electronic Engineering in DIN and VDE.

In addition, we are certified SCRUM Master (CSM), PRINCE2 project manager and qualified in the Lean Six Sigma method for quality and process improvement.

Reference Projects:

Client: Local Authority

Project Type: Planning of service phases 1-8 according to HOAI

Project Scope: Planning and construction of a sustainable water-cooled Data Center with a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of < 1,1 and Enterprise IT Infrastructure Management.
Client: Software Company

Project Type: Planning of service phases 1-8 according to HOAI

Project Scope: Planning and construction management of a modular datacenter based on the latest technology and a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of < 1,2.
Client: Building Department in North Rhine-Westphalia

Project Type: Consulting

Project Scope: Concept creation for the energy supply of a property of the Bundeswehr taking into account renewable energies, as well as maintaining the availability of the datacenter located on the premises.
Client:IT Operator for Statutory Health Insurance Companies

Project Type: Planning of service phases 1-8 according to HOAI

Project Scope: New construction of a datacenter taking into account security aspects according to EN 50600 availability class 3. The IT capacity in the 1st construction phase is 1.5 MW and can be expanded to 3 MW during ongoing operations.
Client: Department in Hessen

Project Type: Planning of service phases 1-8 according to HOAI

Project Scope: Refurbishment of a datacenter while maintaining ongoing IT operations and an IT output of> 1MW. The Scope of the renovation is the electrical supply infrastructure and the measurement, control and regulation technology.
Client: Federal Ministry

Project Type: Study

Project Scope: Investigation of artificial intelligence and architectures for machine learning with regard to the requirements for IT and Data Center infrastructures.

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Consulting services are generally not standardized, and expert knowledge is seldom comprehensible or documented. Therefore, we rely on certified knowledge and proven quality. Our company has been accredited by the German Federal Office for economic Affairs as accredited Management Consultants. For this reason, our customers enjoy special subsidies in certain areas.


We know it, you know it: A well planned project saves a lot of time and costs. We have successfully planned more than 100 large and small Data Centers in recent years, and the trend is rising. We create the 'digital twin' for your project, with which real producers and processes can be better understood and optimized visually, without having to intervene in reality.