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Climate Neutral. Highly Reliable. Modular.

Blue DC is the best choice if you are looking for an innovative, sustainable and secure data center and IT infrastructure solution, at any scale. Our Blue DC solutions are developed exclusively by High Knowledge and produced in our own production facility in Germany. Our construction and quality department is closely involved in the production steps and enables continuous optimization by means of professional prototype development.

Our Blue DC solutions are the ideal data center for companies and the public sector that place the highest demands on availability, security and sustainability. Our modular data centers are fully redundant and therefore offer maximum reliability. The innovative refrigeration technology ensures low power consumption and the environmentally friendly energy storage allows the integration of renewable energies. With Blue DC, you are choosing an innovative and sustainable data center that is TÜV-certified and has a 5-year guarantee with premium support.

Blue DC is completely modular. Thus, the availability class, protection class and size can be individually selected and scaled, adapted to your personal needs. With patented refrigeration and air conditioning technology, use of waste heat, smart control and innovative protective mechanisms as well as a comprehensive redundancy concept, Blue DC offers a unique solution "Made in Germany" - perfected for your company!


Smart Essential

Our compact micro data center or IT safe solutions from 1 to 6 IT racks and from 6 to 70 kW connected load, can also act as a network solution or chain. Blue DC E can be installed practically anywhere without the need for time-consuming, costly and often inefficient expansion of existing premises.

Smart Modular

Our modular data centers from 2 to 24 IT racks and from 6 to 212 kW connected load per module. Blue DC M can be combined as desired, for example with dedicated technology modules for the supply infrastructure, access routes and IT space. It can be set up without any problems on an open space with strip or point foundations, or even within existing buildings on a floor slab.

Smart Building

Our sustainable building concept for data centers from 24 IT racks and a connected load of 20 kW up to 60 megawatts. Blue DC X features a highly innovative technical build and intelligent layout, patented climate-neutral data center technologies and a market-leading PUE of 1.05.

Blue DC E Blue DC M Blue DC X
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BDCE1.47 - 6.282
BDCM2.94 - 1128
BDCX24.1128 - 124.5828
RZ Class
Edge Data Center / Micro Data Center
Module / Container Data Center
Data Center building
1 - 6
2 - 24
≥ 24
Height Units
47 - 282
94 - 1.128
≥ 1.128
Connected Load
6 kW - 70 kW
6 kW - 212 kW
20 kW - 60 MW
< 1,13
< 1,10
≤ 1,05
Availability Class
Protection Class
Level of Granularity
Climate Neutral
Green IT
Use of Waste Heat
TÜV Certification
ISO 27001 Certification
BSI KritisV Certification
Blue Angel Certification
Highly Available
Highly Secure
fully redundant
High Performance Computing (HPC) Capable
AI Optimization
Made in Germany
Sustainable Cooling Technology
Professional Electrical Engineering
High-Availability Power Supply
Eco-friendly Energy Storage
Extensive Security Technology
High EMP Protection
Comprehensive Burglary Protection
Modern Access Control
Reliable Fire Protection
Integrated Renewable Energy
Dynamic monitoring
Proactive Maintenance
Specialist Planning in Accordance with HOAI
24x7 Monitoring
24x7 User Helpdesk
Premium Support with SLA Recovery
up to 5 years
up to 5 years
up to 5 years