German consulting firm contributes valuable expertise on climate-neutral IT infrastructures


Hamburg, Germany, July 2021 – The Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA) and consultancy firm High Knowledge have joined forces. The German company High Knowledge has many years of experience in planning, designing, and building sustainable and climate-neutral digital infrastructures. 

Max Schulze, SDIA Executive Chairman, welcomes High Knowledge to the Alliance. “High Knowledge’s expertise in developing sustainable digital infrastructure is highly respected in Germany. Together we will develop new concepts and technologies to make climate-neutral data centers and digital infrastructure a reality.” 

Greening the global digital economy

Established in 2019, SDIA is a nonprofit network of more than 60 organizations working to catalyze the transition to sustainable digital infrastructure. It aligns all actors of the digital ecosystem – from industry to governments to suppliers to consumers – on the mission of decarbonizing the global digital economy and realizing their Roadmap to Sustainable Digital Infrastructure by 2030. Schulze: “We aim to promote an environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable digital economy. At the same time, we highlight the growth of the global digital infrastructure sector, which is on par with the aviation industry when it comes to carbon emissions.”

“Unfortunately, many innovations in data center sustainability are merely window dressing,” says Harry Knopf, Founder and CEO of High Knowledge. “The focus is too often placed on protecting current investments and business models. With smart approaches, however, we can achieve ecological success and economic success at the same time. I am convinced that within a few years, climate-neutral digital infrastructures will become the norm."

"High Knowledge is well aware of the fact that sustainability and climate neutrality for IT infrastructures require a broader perspective. We need to take an integrated view of IT and the underlying infrastructure, and apply artificial intelligence-based solutions to boost the performance of digital infrastructures – both in terms of IT performance and environmental performance. Being a member of SDIA is the ideal partnership to develop these innovative solutions and concepts.”

Green IT Innovation Lab

With competitive and sustainable digital infrastructure, the Alliance aims to enable a thriving digital ecosystem without negatively impacting the environment. SDIA recently merged with Green IT Amsterdam to establish an Innovation Lab in Amsterdam that focuses on research and innovation projects seeking to implement and develop new technologies that reduce the environmental impact of digital infrastructure. An interesting example of this is the LEAP Program, which aims to reduce the power consumption of IT servers by optimizing the power management settings.