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During the DCPEN Check, our IT security department identifies possible attack targets and identifies vulnerabilities in the accessible services. In addition, the implemented security controls and the configuration of the components used are analyzed and evaluated. A penetration test checks the security of as many system components and applications of a network or software system as possible using means and methods that can penetrate the system without authorization (penetration).

In doing so, we try to find vulnerabilities in the infrastructure visible from the outside, in particular:

• Firewall check
• VPN-Check
• Identify available services
• Check authorization and authentication
• Identify apparent misconfigurations
• Scan vulnerabilities automatically
• Manual check

Our penetration tests, or pen tests for short, are comprehensive security checks of your entire data center or individual IT components. We evaluate the results, verify them, and present you with the most critical vulnerabilities as part of a detailed documentation.

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