Welcome to the High Knowledge DCInfra Check

Do you know how future-proof your Data Center is or whether your Data Center complies with current regulations? IT infrastructure has become more and more important and system-relevant in recent years. Today there are a large number of requirements in the Data Center area that must be taken into account. The regulation for the designation of critical infrastructures (BSI-KritisV regulation), Basel III, ISO 27001 and many more should be mentioned in particular.

With our standardized High Knowledge-Data Center check, we carry out a systematic review of your Data Center based on some key data. This gives you an initial, well-founded analysis of the current situation. We use a traffic light model to show you which areas are green and which areas may be red, so you know exactly where are possible weak points or optimization potentials.

You will receive a full assessment of the current status of your infrastructure. Based on our competence in the Data Center environment we have developed specific questions that can be answered in an online form. On the basis of our database, we analyze your Data Center and provide an assessment of the current situation as well as initial recommendations for actions.