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The DCEMV Check assesses the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of your IT or data center. In doing so, we pay particular attention to a fault-free, EMC-compliant design of the equipment in a data center. This includes examining the immunity of IT components or an entire system to external and internal influences. Measurements of the shielding effectiveness of the building structure are also carried out. With the DCEMV Check, you minimize undetected risks and thus increase the availability of your data center. Modern data centers and IT components can only be operated without failures if all measures to reduce interference are implemented.

Faulty electrical installations often turn out to be a significant disruptive factor. Here, the implementation of the central earthing point (CEP) is prescribed in accordance with VDE 0100-444 and is implemented correctly in very few systems. Particularly in data centers with complex redundant electrical systems, it happens that compensating currents via the grounding system interfere with the highly sensitive IT systems.

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